How much does a swimming pool cost?

how much does a swimming pool cost

How much does a swimming pool cost?

Once you have decided to purchase a swimming pool the next question you may have will be “how much does a swimming pool cost?”. Many pool enthusiasts have no idea how much their desired pool will cost. Although, we can’t provide you with an exact number of what your pool will cost because every pool design is different. We can give you the variables that are taken into consideration when it comes to finding the price of your pool.


Type of Pool

The very first thing that will be taken into consideration when finding the price of the pool you desire is the type of pool you want. The price of a pool begins with the amount of construction and material that will be needed to build the pool you want.


  • Gunite Pool-Gunite Pools are the most expensive pools because they come with a list of customizable features that can make the pool increase in price. You can add special effects such as a waterfall, or different types of stones. The options are endless with this pool.


  • Fiberglass Pool-Fiberglass pools also rank high because they are molded pools. What this means is they can be transformed into any shape you would like them to be. They are also transported to your home in their shape and installed in one piece.


  • Vinyl Pool-Vinyl pools are next in line because of their main advantage of not cracking or breaking, since they are not installed directly onto the ground. Instead, the vinyl separates the ground from the pool which prevents cracks.


  • Above Ground Pool-If you are looking for an easy way to incorporate a pool into your backyard without the need to dig or spend a lot of money, then an above ground pool can be the best choice for you.


Area You Reside In

Another big factor in the cost of your pool is the area you live in. When digging to install your pool, hopefully nothing is their besides dirt, but every now and then there may be large rocks that need to be blasted away, which can increase the cost.


Added Features

The more features you add to your swimming pool the more expensive it will be. Features can be one of the main reasons why your bill goes up. Many pool enthusiasts have an image in mind that they want to fulfill. Just remember every feature will increase the price.


Pool safety

Another large chunk of expense will be your pool safety. Pools are an enjoyable additive to any home. However, when your new oasis isn’t safe it will not be enjoyed by others. In this case, you may want to have a fence added or barrels that will keep children away from the edge of the pool in order to prevent any mishaps from occurring.


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What’s messing with your water?

clear water creative pool designs (1000x738)Look at that pool over there!

It’s beautiful. It has an inviting curve, a gurgling spa and flagstone-and-flora landscaping. Although Creative Pool Designs by Express can take full credit for its amazing aesthetics, the crowning glory is the siren call of its cool, crystal-clear water.

The foundation for all of it, of course, is the Hayward equipment Creative Pool Designs installs with each pool and spa. But you play a part, too, by making your pool sparkle like a jewel in the sun.There’s much more riding on cleanliness than simple looks: a properly maintained pool prevents water-borne illnesses, algae infestations and other avoidable problems.

So what’s messing with your water, and what can you do about it? Here are some important reminders.

  • Swimmers! Do you shower without soap and shampoo before jumping into the pool? If not, you’re helping to contaminate the water. And no, chlorine does not offset a little urine! Stuff like make-up, deodorant and feces shuts down chlorine and keeps it from doing its job. If you can smell the chlorine in your pool, it’s a cry for help because it means contaminants are winning the battle.
  • Hot! Hot! Hot! If your pool water regularly hits higher than 82 degrees Fahrenheit, you’re creating a hotbed for bacteria and other microorganisms. Algae, anyone? The easy fix is to stay on top of maintenance. Run your pool’s pumps 10 hours a day while the sun is out. Allow the UV rays to neutralize the chlorine. Be diligent about testing chemical levels and, with pumps circulating, adjusting the amount you use. If more action is needed, consider building a shade structure over the pool.
  • Water woes! Where are you getting your water? When using a hose to raise the level, run the water into the yard for a few minutes to get rid of stuff that’s been sitting there stagnating. Unfortunately, you don’t have the same control over rainwater that drops in uninvited. Watch your chemical levels including alkalinity, calcium, hardness and other total dissolved solids.

In short, it’s all about staying alert and on top of maintenance. In the end, it’s worth the effort.

Like a fish.

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What size swimming pool do I need?

What size swimming pool do I need?

What size swimming pool do I need?

Swimming pools are an excellent addition to any home in Houston. They provide a fun and enjoyable atmosphere for all different ages and sizes. However, one of the main difficulties many pool shoppers will ask themselves is, “what size swimming pool do I need?  Buying a swimming pool doesn’t exactly come with a manual that you can read up on in order to figure out exactly how big or wide your pool should be.

To guide you in the right direction we have decided to answer the burning question most pool shoppers have “what size swimming pool do I need?”

Who will be the main users?

This is the main question that you should know the answer to before deciding to purchase a pool. The reason being the more people that will use the pool the bigger the pool needs to be length wise. We advise the length of the pool be longer because most kids and parents use their swimming pool to entertain family and friends.

However, many pool enthusiasts have an image in their mind that they need an extremely large pool. The truth of the matter is taking care of a pool is a lot of work which means if you do not need an extremely large pool than you may want to opt against it.

Do you have a Budget?

 This is a very important piece of information to know as swimming pools can be expensive. Essentially, the larger the pool the more expensive it will be. Consider the size of your pool with the budget you have in mind.

How deep do you need your pool to be?

The depth of your pool is something else you need to decide. In order to figure out the depth of your pool, you may want to consider who the pool is intended for. Is the pool intended for entertaining? Will it will be mostly used by adults? Or is the pool intended for the use of children? Depending on how you answer these questions will help you decide how deep your pool should be.

What shape do you want?

Choosing the shaping of your pool can give you the best bang for your buck. For example, a rectangle pool will give you the most-square footage when it comes to the size. While another shape will give you less square footage but are esthetically pleasing for those that prefer something fun and out of the ordinary.

In conclusion, when trying to figure out the size pool you want, consider a few of the questions listed above as they will help guide you in the right direction. Always keep in mind the safety of your family at all times when choosing the size of your swimming pool.


What size swimming pool do I need?

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